Oswaal Books For Class 10 Science PDF Free Download

Oswal question bank class 10 science PDF free download

10 small question Bank class 10 science is provided for the students studying 10th standard. MS oswaal question Bank class 10 science is helpful to get more marks, and it contains many keywords for students.
The one who wants to get more marks in the CBSE syllabus in 10th standard all Rafa Oswal question bank class 10 science book.
10 Oswal question bank class 10 science is one of the latest books with the latest syllabus for students studying the CBSE syllabus in the 10th standard.
This book is available in English and Google as PDF and online reading.

Oswaal question Bank class 10 science PDF

It is helpful for the students in exams to remind the answers, and it is one of the easy ways to learn the lesson for students.
This book will help slow learners.
This book is issued for 2021 based on the reduced CBSE curriculum.
This book contains the solved paper and toppers answer 2019, which CBSE issued.
This book included new creative and critical questions developed by a small editorial board.
For quick learning, there is video content for students at the end of each lesson.

Book Details

Chemical Substances: Nature and Behaviour

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Topic 1. Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Topic 2. Types of Chemical Reactions, Corrosion, and Rancidity
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Topic 1. Acid and Bases
  • Topic 2. Salts, Their Properties and Uses
  • Metals and Non-Metals
  • Topic 1. Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
  • Topic 2. Formation and Properties of Ionic Compounds
  • Carbon Compounds
  • Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Topic 1. Periodic Laws and their Limitations
  • Topic 2. Periodic Elements and Periodic Properties

World of Living

  • Life Processes
  • Topic 1. Nutrition
  • Topic 2. Respiration
  • Topic 3. Circulation and Transportation
  • Topic 4. Excretion
  • Reproduction
  • Topic 1. Basics of Reproduction: Asexual Reproduction and Vegetative Propagation
  • Topic 2. Sexual Reproduction in Plants
  • Topic 3. Reproduction in Human Beings
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Topic 1. Heredity and Mendelľ’s Contribution
  • Topic 2. Basic Concepts of Evolution

Natural Phenomena

  • Light – Reflection and Refraction
  • Topic 1. Reflection of Light, Image Formed by Spherical Mirrors
  • Topic 2. Refraction, Lenses, and Power of Lens Human Eye and Colourful World

Effects of Current

  • Electricity
  • Topic 1. Electric Current, Ohm’s Law
  • Topic 2. Resistance in Series and Parallel Combination, Electric Power and Heating Effect
  • Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
  • Topic 1. Magnetic Effects
  • Topic 2. Electric Motor

Natural Resources

Our Environment
Topic 1. Ecosystem and Food Chain
Topic 2. Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable substances and Global Warming

Oswaal Question Bank Class 10 2020-2021 PDF Details

Book Name: Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Science
Author: Oswaal Editorial Board
Pages: Unknown pages
Publisher: Oswaal Books & Learning Pvt Ltd
Release Date: 7 August 2020
Language: English


Oswal question bank class 10 science is one of the essential books for 10th students who want to get more marks.
It clearly explains everything to the students.
The question Bank class 10 science will help the students learn and analyze and understand and remember the answers in the exam.

Oswaal question Bank class 10 science PDF free download

You can download the file directly from google drive. If you cannot download it, inform us in the comment section, and we will check that and update it as soon as possible.

Oswaal question Bank class 10 science PDF

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