[2021]University Granth Nirman Board Books PDF Free Download

University Granth Nirmal Board Books For GPSC

University Granth Nirman board books pdf download(University Granth Nirman books) is essential for any government exams. IshwarAhir has helped all GPSC, UPSC,class-3 aspirants, so we have uploaded University Granth Nirman Books pdf free of cost.

These materials are helpful for all government exams like UPSC, GPSC, bin sachivalay, constable, DYSO, STI (state tax inspector), PI (Police Inspector), chief officer, Forest, ATDO, etc.

The updated list of best materials in 2020

Also Get Bandharan book- Vikalp Kotval sir, kazi sir, M. Laxmikant

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University Granth Nirmal Board Pdf Download

University Granth Nirman Board Books Download

Bharat ni Bhautik Bhugol pdf download

This book is the most important for GPSC, DYSO, STI(State Tax Inspector), PI( Police Inspector), Bin sachivalay, and all class 1-2-3 exams.

Bhautik Bhugol sir book – DOWNLOAD

Gujarat Geography by Manjulaben Dave pdf

Gujarat geography by Manjulaben dave pdf is helpful for who started the preparations for Government Jobs.

Manjulaben Dave Gujarat Geography book – DOWNLOAD

Hasuta Sedani book pdf

Hasuta Sedani book pdf is a very popular book among Gujarati Students. Gujarati Bolio, Pahervesh, Urban and Rural culture, Chitrakala, Cast Kala, Sahity are the main topics in Hasuta Sedani mam book.

hasuta ben sedani

Hasuta Sedani mam book – DOWNLOAD

Gujarat no Itihas Granth Nirman board pdf

Below you download Gujarat no Itihas Granth Nirman board pdf. Gujarat’s history, Marya, After Maurya, Chavda Yug, Solanki Yug, Vaghela Yug, Madhyakalina, and Adhunik Yug topics are added steps in this book step.

Gujarat Itihas

Arvachin Gujarat no Rajakiy & Sanskrutik Itihas – DOWNLOAD

Rashtr no Svatantr Sangram & Gujarat –DOWNLOAD

Joravarsinh Jadav book pdf

Joravarsinh Jadav book index is Gujarat ni Bolio, Gujarati Gaurav, Gujarat na Lok nruty, Gujarat na melao, Gujarati pahervesh, Gujarati sansruti, etc.

Joravarsinh Jadav book pdf – DOWNLOAD

Panchayati Raj granth nirman board

Panchayati raj Granth Nirman board book is officially Granth Nirman board book, but we have provided this book pdf.

Panchayati Raj in Gujarati pdf – DOWNLOAD

Adhunik Bharat no Itihas university Granth Nirman board pdf download

We have given Adhunik Bharat no Itihas University Granth Nirman board pdf free to download.

Adhunik Bharat no itihas bhag 1 – DOWNLOAD

Adhunik Bharat no itihas bhag 2 – DOWNLOAD

Jaher vahivat university granth nirman board pdf

Hemant Shah jaher vahivat

Hemant Shah sir Jaher Vahivat book pdf – DOWNLOAD

Other University University Granth Nirman board books pdf download below

Desi Rajyo nu Vilinikaran by UGN – DOWNLOAD

Rajyvahivat na mul tatvo by UGN – DOWNLOAD

University Granth Nirman Board Store

In various states of India, there are more than 20+ Granth Nirman Board, Gujarat Granth Nirman Board is one amongst them.

Hon. Education Minister(Bhupendrasinh Chudasama), Govt. of Gujarat, is the chairman of UGHB. Gujrat Granth Nirman Board was established in 1970 & registered under the Society Registration act 1860.

University Granth Nirman Books

Above, we have uploaded Culture of Gujarat written by Hasutaben Sedani, Bhautik Bhugol book Written by Panchayati Raj written by B.C Shah, Gujarat ni Arthik & Pradeshik bhugol(Manjulaben Dave), Gujarat no Sansrutik Varaso( Joravarsinh Jadav), Adhunik Bharat no itihas bhag -1(, Adhunik Bharat no itihas bhag-2, Panchayati Raj, Rashtr no Svatantr Sangram & Gujarat (Shantilal Desai), Desi Rajyo nu Vilinikaran( Jaykumar Shukla)

Extra Materials

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Gujarati grammar study materials pdf(Akshar, world inbox, bhasha Vivek, etc.)

English Grammar pdf(4444 MCQ book, Akshar academy book, more practice pdf)

Computer books (world inbox,ICE)

Samany Vigyan(world inbox, Gyan sarthi, Anamika academy)

Maths & Reasoning books (world inbox, Vivekanand academy, Niraj bharwad sir)

Nayab mamlatdar strategy,guidance,pdf

Jaher Vhivat book

I hope university Granth Nirman board books pdf download materials are helpful for all Gujarati students.

If you have queries related to this post or our materials, comment below our team replay ASAP.Tamaro Khub Khub abhar amari site ma avava badal.


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