[Latest] Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Download

Apni Kaksha Notes is the PDF available on the web for the reference of the physics subject. It was created by the university’s top students who were in the scientific term and studying the NCERT syllabus. It provides good knowledge of physics which was in the excellent quality of learning. It is how the learners can gain a lot of expertise and do creative and innovative things using the knowledge gained from this PDF. This gives the best version of the physics information, and this gives the best version of the syllabus for the NEET and JEE exams.

Apni Kaksha Notes

This Apni Kaksha note gives the best information bout the syllabus required to prepare for NEET and JEE exams. The learner can easily understand the concept of the syllabus required for the exams. It gives the theoretical as well as practical topics in an accurate manner. This also helps the learner to learn livelily. The beginner learns quickly by providing the things in the beginning stage. It also proposes stuff in simple English. So it is straightforward to understand the concept in a very clean manner.

Apni Kaksha Notes can help the learner to secure centum in the exam they attend after referring to this PDF. This gives things to an advanced level. The reference of this Apni kaksha can help me learn a lot of new items and more than enough for the updated level of question papers. It allows the user to gain much more knowledge in the topics they are reading and helps to have a practical imagination of the topics they are reading, which can make the things to understand in a much easier way. So, it is the best one for the preparation for exams.

PDF Details

PDF Name-Apni Kaksha Notes

PDF Language-English

PDF Source-Google Drive

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Download

Chapter 1 Electric charges and field Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 3 Current Electricity Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 4 Moving Charges and Magnetism Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 5 Electromagnetic Induction Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 6 Magnetism and Matter Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 7 Alternating Current Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 10 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matters Notes PDF Open PDF
Chapter 11 Atoms Notes PDF Open PDF

Apni Kaksha Notes Pdf Chemistry Class 12

S.No Chapter Download Link
1 The Solid State Get Link
2 Solutions Get Link
3 Electrochemistry Get Link
4 Chemical Kinetics Get Link
5 Surface Chemistry Get Link
6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Get Link
7 p-Block Elements Get Link
8 The d and f Block Elements Get Link
9 Coordination Compounds Get Link
10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Get Link
11 Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Get Link
12 Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids Get Link
13 Amines Get Link
14 Biomolecules Get Link

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