(Latest) Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF Download

Maths is quite challenging, and students often find it difficult to score good marks in this subject. However, if they follow some tips and tricks, they can easily score well in maths. Students should also practice a lot to solve math problems quickly and accurately. Additionally, they should read newspapers and magazines regularly to improve their maths skills.

Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF is best for SSC exams maths. This book is handy for SSC Exam aspirants. The book has been written in straightforward and lucid language so that the students can understand it easily. The book has been divided into different chapters, namely Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Mensuration.

Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF
Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF

Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF

In this Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF, all maths concepts are explained in detail with examples. This book is beneficial for SSC exams.

Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF is best for SSC exams maths. This book is written by Gagan Pratap Singh, a mathematician, and author. This book has 10 chapters. The first chapter is about integers, the second chapter is about fractions, the third chapter is about decimals, and the fourth chapter is about percentages. 

The fifth chapter is about profit and loss. The sixth chapter is about simple interest, the seventh chapter is about compound interest, the eighth chapter is about the partnership, the ninth chapter is about time and distance, and the tenth chapter is about geometry.

Gagan Pratap maths book pdf is best for SSC exams maths. Gagan Pratap Sir is a well-known mathematician and has written many Mathematics books for various competitive examinations. His books are widely popular among the students preparing for SSC, Bank PO, Railways, etc.

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PDF NameGagan Pratap Maths
LanguageEnglish And Hindi
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The topics covered in this Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF are essential and frequently asked in these examinations. The book is very concise, and the concepts are explained in a very easy-to-understand way. The examples given in the book are also beneficial in understanding the concepts.

Gagan Pratap Maths Book PDF Download

Data Interpretation (आँकड़ा निर्वचन) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
All Arithmetic Topic ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Algebra (बीजगणित ) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
New Algebra (बीजगणित ) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
1st Part – Geometry-1 (ज्यामिति या रेखागणित) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
2nd Part – Geometry-2 (ज्यामिति या रेखागणित) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
New Complete Geometry (ज्यामिति या रेखागणित) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Trigonometry, Height & Distance (त्रिकोणमिति, ऊँचाई और दुरी ) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Mensuration (Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Polygon, Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Prism, Pyramid) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Profit and Loss ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Orthocenter (लंब-केंद्र) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Geometry Triangles (रेखागणित) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Cylinder (बेलन) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Cone (शंकु) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Circumcenter (परिकेंद्र) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Circle (वृत्त) ByGagan Pratap SirDownload
Polygon ByGagan Pratap SirDownload

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